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Darryl Payne, the award winning CEO of World Nation Live Entertainment, Inc., has over three decades of experience writing and producing music. He has accumulated an extensive library of music masters and television shows featuring many of the biggest entertainer’s in music history. He has produced concerts that are recognized around the globe, used by music companies and television networks. He has earned on more than one occasion, Billboard’s prestigious Number One Producer Awards. He has been credited on more than 3,000 releases, including five different artists on the Billboard Charts at the same time. The new World Nation Live Entertainment, Inc. showcases the company’s experienced team and its corporate strategy. No splits or any reclassification of the shares of the company are required under the agreement.

World Nation Live Entertainment, Inc. is building upon its direct relationships with legendary performers and event production partners, and through the bridge of technology, that will deliver cross platform interaction to expand reach while improving the creator and consumer value model,” stated Darryl Payne, World Nation Live Entertainment, Inc. CEO. The previous acquisition of Limitless Communications, Inc. will be terminated.

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Strong corporate governance, high ethical conduct, and good corporate citizenship are the foundations of World Nation Live Entertainment. It is our belief that there is a real connection between these principles and our performance as a company, and that stockholder value is enhanced by our commitment to and practice of these principles.

This Corporate Governance section of our website was established to provide insight about, our management team and board of directors, the composition and responsibilities of our board committees, and our guidelines on corporate governance. We trust the materials available via this section will provide you with an understanding of the commitment World Nation Live Entertainment delivers to its stakeholders, artists under management and consumer fan base.

To order printed materials, or request investor-related information, please contact us through our contact page or mail us your request to the address provided below.

Stockholders and other interested parties may communicate with our board of directors, any committee of the board, our independent or non-management directors as a group or any individual director in writing. All such written communications must identify the recipient and be forwarded by mail to:

World Nation Live Entertainment, Inc.
Attention: Darryl Payne.


Telephone: (702) 721-9915

Our General Counsel will act as agent for the directors in facilitating future communications, and in doing so may review, sort and summarize the communications.

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