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Keeping up with complex music licensing requirements is nearly impossible for today’s music or video businesses, non-compliance means the risk of legal action in federal court and potentially costly penalties. World Nation Live Entertainment manages the licensing process through creation to distribution delivering powerful music and music video solutions. Here are a few of the legendary artists we have produced and have licensed assets under management.

World Nation Live Entertainment through our Media Asset Management capability protects our artists from the studio to the living room screen. Our team is experienced with many forms of licensing including…

Master Rights – The right of the actual sound recording, owned by the record label and/or artist. To make a copy of the sound recording, an individual or a business requires a license from the owners.

Mechanical Rights – The right of the author, composer and publisher of the musical composition, the song’s music and lyrics, referred to legally as the “underlying sound recording.” To make a copy of the song, a business needs to secure the mechanical rights from the publisher directly or through The Harry Fox Agency who may be the publisher’s administrator.

Performance Rights – The right to publicly perform a musical composition within a business. A performance includes the use of any form of music player, including but not limited to, an mp3 or CD player or any form of broadcast, such as AM/FM or satellite radio. These rights are either administered directly from the publisher or through performing rights organizations such as ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc) or SESAC.

Synchronization Rights – The right granted by the owner of the Master Rights (the record label and/or artist) and Mechanical Rights (composer, author and publisher) to authorize the recording of a musical work onto the soundtrack of an audio/visual work, allowing the song to be synchronized with images.

Compilation CDs, Pre-Loaded Portable Media and Music Downloads – In order to produce a compilation CD, produce pre-loaded portable media or provide music downloads, a business or individual requires a license for each song from the record label and/or artist (owners of the Master Rights) and from the author, composer and publisher (owners of the Mechanical Rights).